Taking the world towards a sustainable, zero carbon, fossil fuel free future





Nova Pangaea’s Lignocellulosic Technology fully fractionates biomass in order to produce C-5 and C-6 sugars of industrial purity, in large scale volumes at competitive prices, so that the liquid fuel and chemical sectors have a realistic replacement for crude oil based products.

Our proprietary and patent-protected  Refnova™ process embraces the following design principles:

    • Continuous – Minimising capital and operational costs/tonne of product
    • Scalable – Parallel processing will enable deployment at oil industry scale
    • Energy and Material Efficient – Converting >80% of the biomass carbon into saleable products and energy




Uniquely, the NPT process progressively refines the biomass stream, extracting the full range of valuable products from the ligno-cellulosic feedstock at every stage.

The advantages of the Technology include:

  • No enzymes or bacteria: High yields on sugars, lower costs, greater product range.
  • No wastes: All fractions of the biomass can be recovered for saleable products, including inorganics.
  • Flexibility: Products can be converted into fuels or organic chemicals. Feedstocks agnostic.
  • Low capital cost: Low residence times ensure high throughput/cost ratios.
  • Low operating costs: High energy efficiency (recovery) and low chemicals cost ensures low operating costs.
  • Simplicity: The process is based on proven chemistry and technology.