Our revolutionary process offers compelling and sustainable economic returns.


Nova Pangaea’s strategy is to deliver the highest possible yield of fuels and platform chemicals from renewable biomass feedstocks – Refnova is set to be the pathway to world class process efficiency and superior returns on investment.

Feedstock Agnostic - Silver birch wood and bagasse (above) are just two of many potential feedstocks for the Refnova process

The Advantages

NPT’s patented process offers several benefits over conventional lignocellulosic fractionation methods:

1. Continuous
Offers greater product output rates relative to conventional, bio-active driven, batch processes

2. Flexibility
Feedstock agnostic design removes any potential for interruption to supplies, and allows for process adoption in various geographical environments

3. Simplicity
No requirement for bio-actives, such as enzymes or bacteria, which reduces both operation time and cost

4. Scalability
Simplicity and flexibility of the process enables comparatively straightforward scale up

5. Sustainability
2nd generation feedstocks are abundantly available, at low cost, and present no implication on the ‘food vs. fuel’ debate

6. Waste Minimisation
Full utilisation of feedstock; all constituent elements of the biomass are converted into valuable product streams

Abundant Feedstocks - Refnova has been designed to capitalise on the vast reserves of waste biomass from the agricultural, food and forestry industries


Refnova generates three respective ‘platform chemical’ product streams; C5 liquid sugars, C6 liquid sugars and char. Via additional downstream processing, said streams can then be converted into a diverse range of consumer products – generated via various industries such as pharmaceutical, petroleum and food & drink.

C5 Sugars



Formic Acid


Activated Carbon


Soil Enhancer

C6 Sugars


Purification / Crystalisation



Citric Acid

Polylactic Acid