Nova Pangaea Technologies Introduce Third Generation Lignocellulosic Fractionation Process at Ecochem

Nova Pangaea Technologies’ Chairman, Barry Hedley, presented NPT’s newly patented process at the Ecochem conference in Basel last week. His presentation ‘The second coming of the cretaceous: from 100 million years to 20 minutes’, generated a stimulating discussion about innovation in feedstock sourcing and the ability of NPT’s process to enable the complete fractionation of lignocellulosic waste or non-food materials into their constituent parts with efficiencies that will enable it to become a true “Third Generation” replacement for fossil oil in transportation fuel and chemical applications. 

Key topics included:

·        Last month’s conclusion from a long established and well respected European chemicals business that “NPT own a disruptive and game-changing technology”.

·        NPT’s stagedprogressivephysical and thermo-chemical process takes green feedstock as cut and uses no additional water, acids, enzymes or chemicals. Internally catalysed it is continuous (“tubular”), fast (minutes), simple and clean.

·        Each fraction of the full slate of fuel precursors and platform chemicals produced is at a high level of purity, suitable for onward processing.

·        Independent technical and commercial due diligences that confirm significant advantages compared to all other known biomass conversion technologies in terms of product range and quality.

·        NPT’s development plans which include:

Current experimental programme: refining design parameters for their first pre-commercial plant

Pre-commercial demonstration plant construction planned to start late Q2 2014: indications were given of likely timing and quantity of output product samples

Subsequent commercial roll-out planned from 2016-7: again, likely volumes of product expected to be available over time

·        Expressions of interest were invited regarding funding, technical and commercial partnerships

At the conference NPT executives John Nicholas (Commercial Director), Peter North (Technical Director), Simon Collis (Communications Director) joined Barry and over 1,000 of the most influential leaders from the renewable and chemical industries, as well as heads of government, academics, financiers, scientists, innovators and young future industry and technical leaders. The company’s vision for the future of sustainability and innovation in the design, production and use of fuels and chemicals was very well received.
Multiple initiatives have arisen supporting NPT’s development of funding for the pre-commercial demonstration plant they plan to construct on Teesside UK in 2014, and for future strategic technical and commercial partnerships.  

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