A sustainable

Via widespread Refnova integration, Nova Pangaea Technologies aims to support the futureproofing of industry, in an economically viable manner with minimal environmental impact.


Industrial futureproofing involves achievement of the following key aims:

  1. Alleviate dependency on fossil fuel derived materials
  2. Improve overall process efficiency and economics
  3. Minimise generation of waste, energy consumption and thus its environmental burden
Refnova takes exclusively 2nd generation feedstock as cut, ready for processing
Food vs. Fuel

By utilising 2nd generation feedstocks exclusively, and consequently having no requirement of tailored feedstock crops, Refnova instantly removes itself from the ‘fuel vs. food debate’

Waste Minimisation

As all constituents of the biomass feedstock are valorised by Refnova, very little waste material is generated; moreover, said waste discharge is also valorised – it is collected on site and sent to local anaerobic digestion facilities, where it is converted to biogas for power generation

Locally Sourced Feedstock

Refnova’s commercial scale facility has been strictly commissioned and trialled, with locally obtained silver birchwood, found within a 75-mile radius of our Teesside facility.

This specific feedstock has been sourced, via collaboration with Re-Heat, from regions such as South Yorkshire, Scottish Border, Lancashire and Cumbria, before then being transported to our milling facility at Goodechip.

Sourcing feedstock in this manner helps to minimise carbon emissions from its transportation and provides a sustainable source of income to local business.

The team at our local partner, Goodechip