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Nova Pangaea’s lignocellulosic technology fully fractionates biomass in order to produce C5 and C6 sugars of industrial purity, in large scale volumes at competitive prices, so that the liquid fuel and chemical sectors have a realistic replacement for crude oil-based products.


Our proprietary and patent protected process embraces the following design principles:

    • Continuous: Minimising capital and operational costs per tonne of product

    • Scalable: Parallel processing will enable deployment at oil industry scale

    • Energy and Material Efficient: Converting >80% of the biomass carbon into saleable products and energy


Uniquely, the NPT process progressively refines the biomass stream, extracting the full range of valuable products from the lignocellulosic feedstock at every stage.


The advantages of the technology include:

    • No enzymes or bacteria: High yields on sugars, lower costs, greater product range

    • No wastes: All fractions of the biomass can be recovered for saleable products, including inorganics

    • Flexibility: Products can be converted into fuels or organic chemicals. Feedstock agnostic

    • Low capital cost: Continuous process gives intrinsic capital and operatig cost advantages over batch processes at equivalent scale

    • Low operating costs: High energy efficiency (recovery) and low chemicals cost ensures low operating costs

    • Simplicity: The process is based on proven chemistry and technology

    • Speed: The process is fast, with the C5 step taking only 15 minutes, the C6 step only seconds…