NPT’s process offers compelling, sustainable economic returns












Nova Pangaea’s process strategy is to deliver the highest possible yield of fuels and platform chemicals from renewable biomass feedstocks – the NPT process is set to be the pathway to world class process efficiency and superior returns on investment


NPT’s process is a continuous multi-stage physical and thermochemical fractionation with a residence time that can be as low as 20 minutes. It has been designed to operate at a scale that can economically replace crude oil for transportation fuel and chemical applications

We believe that food sources should be protected from the world’s need for fuels and chemicals

For this reason Nova Pangaea’s lignocellulosic conversion technology has been designed to utilise waste products from current biomass industries as well as surplus biomass from sustainable non-food sources such as forestry.

The NPT process will dramatically increase the profitability of any process which creates unwanted lignocellulosic biomass waste.

Sugar Cane and Oil Palm processing, Plantation Forestry and Energy Crop estates and mills will, we believe, all achieve significant economic uplifts from adopting NPT’s technologies.

We set out to address three concerns:

    1. Environment – Processing of large scale food crop wastes (bagasse, trash etc.) and sustainably produced plantation biomass, into the full range of fuel and chemical precursors, will facilitate the rapid development of the green fuel and chemical industry, permit the substitution of fossilised carbon feedstocks and enhance the productivity of land currently in use.

    2. Crude Oil Depletion – Reserve replacement has slowed and now, frequently, requires expensive exploration and extraction, often in arenas that are increasingly difficult, both geographically and politically. Given the challenge of peak oil the derivation from biomass of the full range of fuel and chemical precursors at oil industry scale looks to be a ‘killer-app’.

    3. Commercial Opportunity – We believe there is a compelling case for the large-scale global roll out of a profitable bio-fractionation industry using NPT’s technology to replace the ‘old’ transportation fuel and petrochemical industry.

Underpinning our commercialisation strategy is the belief that a new energy and chemicals industry that depends on current sustainable photosynthesis, will most obviously displace the ‘old’ petro-chemical industry in those regions that best support photosynthesis, that is, the tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world and the forest rich regions of Eurasia and North America.