• Technology For A Low Carbon World

    We’re a cleantech business that’s created a revolutionary and proprietary patented process, called REFNOVA®. Our REFNOVA process enables our customers to convert woody and agricultural plant residues into high value sustainable biocarbons, biopolymers, biochemicals and advanced biofuels.

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  • Biochemicals & Biofuels

    Our unique, technically-advanced REFNOVA® process is highly efficient, reliable, clean and adaptable, creating biochemicals and biofuels from plant biomass.

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  • Pioneering A Sustainable Future

    We make use of plant by-products that are currently going to waste, replacing the need for industry to use fossil fuels and create synthetic chemicals.

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Commercial Uses

Customers and partners

We combine our proprietary process, REFNOVA®, with technology and expert know-how, partnering with plant biomass producers to provide sustainable bio-based products to customers in the chemicals, energy, transport, food and drink, manufacturing and construction sectors.

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Sustainable Cleantech

Supporting a global low-carbon economy

We’ve found a unique way to produce highly valuable biochemicals and biofuels from plant residues, extending the valuable resources from our natural world. Our focus is to make sure every scrap and by-product from a variety of plant biomass are available at commercial scale.

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Our Process


We have a highly adaptable, proprietary and patented technology process that takes unwanted plant biomass and, without the use of enzymes or bacteria, converts these materials into a multitude of natural biochemicals and biofuels for use in our everyday lives.

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