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Nova Pangaea Technologies (NPT) is led by a successful team that combines extensive technical and global business experience across broad industries including chemicals, manufacturing, oil and gas, mining and operational excellence.

NPT is a cleantech company that has developed a decarbonisation enabling process technology called REFNOVA. REFNOVA converts woody and agricultural biomass into sustainable sugars and biocarbons.

The sugars are fermented to 2G bioethanol and further downstream to SAF. The biocarbons are used as a sequestrate or displace coke within the steel industry to create green steel.

We currently have a pre-commercial plant (TRL 7/8) and scaling out the current plant into commercial production in 2023. This plant (NOVAONE) will be our first commercially producing plant in the UK at a capacity of 20KTPY product output which will deliver 10KTPY biocarbon and 6MLPY 2G ethanol.

We are also currently in the feasibility stage of our partnership with British Airways and LanzaJet (Project Speedbird) to deliver 190MLPY of 2G ethanol in the UK from soft wood residues.

Open Positions

Junior Process Engineer

Permanent Role

The purpose of this role is to provide engineering and technical support for new and existing processes, including changes and improvements.

Project Manager


The candidate will be responsible for managing the engineering programme to construct NPT’s first commercial plant in the UK (NOVAONE) and the engineering/commercial development of Project SPEEDBIRD. The project manager will have direct responsibility for project communications and full responsibility for the management of internal engineering activities with minimal supervision/guidance in coordination with the engineering management team. This position requires significant and detailed understanding of project financial analyses, resource allocation, change order management, and scheduling. Occasionally, this position will require travelling to partners, client and vendor facilities as required for meetings, reviews and client support. The project manager is responsible for managing cost, project scope, and schedule.


Permanent Role

The candidate will be responsible for managing the development of a techno economic model (TEM) of the proposed project including the supply of the feedstock through pre-treatment units that are remotely located. The analyst will assist the assessment of the potential location of the pre-treatment units based on the economics of the supply chain. The model will consider the sensitivities of the commodities markets and potential value of the products produced. This includes a review of government incentives in the different jurisdictions. Occasionally, this position will require traveling to partners facilities as required for meetings, and reviews.