7th September 2015

ABDC Grant – UK DfT – £3m Award

Today Transport Minister Andrew Jones has announced that Nova Pangaea is to receive grant backing to fund the demonstration of NPT’s low cost route to cellulosic sugars and on to ethanol for biofuels at significant scale. The process is unique in being continuous and, importantly, it is scalable to oil industry volumes.

In due course it should provide a sustainable source for liquid transportation fuels and indeed chemicals, using a wide variety of biomass feedstocks and carries the prospect of replacing fossil fuels for these purposes.

NPT Chairman Barry Hedley said;

“We are enormously proud to have been one of the three winners awarded the DfT grant. It is a valuable boost and will assist us as we continue to develop the REFNOVA® process. It is our expectation that this UK biofuel technology will be licensed to biomass owners and processors across the globe.”

The technology is currently being developed through alliances with a number of very well respected academic and technical institutes in the UK and across the EU.

Ed Wilson, CEO, said to have won an ABDC grant is a significant achievement for NPT; it will help us to further expand our partnerships and routes to commercialization. We already have a number of significant relationships with multi-billion dollar industrial collaborators from upstream, process and downstream sectors, including chemical as well as fuel companies.