We know that by working together in a circular economy approach, we can create a more sustainable world. Our unique potential in this sector sees us working with customers and partners in the agriculture, chemicals, biofuels, biochemicals, energy, transport, food and drink, forestry, manufacturing and building sectors to:

1. Replace the need for fossil fuel derived and synthetically-created materials

2. Fully maximise every scrap and by-product from plants that are already farmed and convert the otherwise unwanted materials into ones with use and value

3. Minimise the impact of our consumption from the natural world and our energy use by both industry and consumers, contributing towards a net-zero global economy.

REFNOVA® takes exclusively second generation feedstock as cut, ready for processing

An environmentally-friendly process

Virtually all forms of plant biomass can be valorised by REFNOVA® with little or no waste.

To increase income in local areas and to minimise the impact on the environment both at home and in other countries, REFNOVA® is applied at source by our customers using discarded plant materials.

Locally Sourced Feedstock

The REFNOVA® demonstration plant is feedstock agnostic and uses locally sourced cellulosic feedstocks such as wheat straw, corn kernel fibres, silver birch and pine, amongst others. Additionally, we are conducting trials for our international customers with other feedstocks such as bagasse.

Sourcing feedstock in this manner helps to minimise carbon emissions from its transportation and provides a sustainable source of income to local businesses. If you are interested in trialling your feedstock, please contact us.

Corn Stover