Insight into REFNOVA®

REFNOVA® involves a proven and scalable two-phase design:

  • SARP

Stage 1i. Feedstock Neutralisation

Particle size reduced feedstock is fed into a fluidisation vessel to neutralise alkali earth metals present

Stage 1ii. Drying

The neutralised feedstock is fed to a hot air dryer to remove excess moisture, before then being vacuum conveyed downstream

Stage 2i. SARP

Dried material is exposed to high temperatures; the lignin component of the feedstock is converted to, and extracted as NOACHAR, whilst its sugars are vaporised and fed to the condenser step

Stage 2ii. Condenser

Sugar vapours are passed through a water cooled condenser and liquified to a liquid sugar stream

Stage 2iii. Levoglucosan Hydrolysis

The liquid sugars are then fed into a vessel whereby it is hydrolysed and converted to NOVASUGARS